I’m very excited that we are spending 6 weeks preaching on the mission of Foothills. Let me give you 3 reasons why. 

Pastor Tyler Butenschoen

Pastor Tyler Butenschoen

1) We need clarity. When we are clear with our words we are able to state our intentions in the most compelling way. There’s an old church saying, “when there’s mist in the pulpit there’s fog in the pew.” We desire to be crystal clear with our mission so our people are freer to join in with certainty.

2) We need focus. Stating a mission and living it out will cause us to focus on what’s most important and will lead us to exhaust our time, energy, and gifting in all the right places. Consider this axiom- When I’m focused on the wrong thing then I’m blind to what’s most important. It’s time to take off any blinders and focus. 

3) We need direction. God provides direction to His church. Until we state what that direction is we’ll never get there. Without direction we’re similar to a lost group of people in the woods with each group member having a different belief of which way north is. That group needs the correct direction to know which way forward is best. As a church, we need similar direction to move forward together. 

It’s my prayer as we journey together as a church that we’ll embrace this newly stated mission of Foothills and live it out more fully each and every day. May we together- Glorify God, Make Disciples, and Reflect God’s Love!