All-Star Preschool is here for young children in our local community. Our hope is to partner with families to give children a positive and fun educational experience.

We believe preschool should be more than just learning A, B, Cs and 1, 2, 3s. We engage the whole child through activities that stimulate their senses. We prepare students for Kindergarten by promoting self-esteem and fostering a love of reading, music and art. We employ unique, hands-on activities to introduce letters, numbers, shapes and colors and help build fine motor strength as well as gross motor skills.

A typical day's activities at All-Star include sharing, letter focus, free-choice play, teacher-directed activities, Bible time, PE, snack time and reading. Some special activities are field trips, guest speakers, bike days, baking, pajama parties, class pets and dress-up days. We welcome parent involvement in the classroom. Contact children's minister Judy Buss for more information about All-Star Preschool.