Dear Foothills Church Family, 

Below is a call to prayer, information about our plans in the transition from Bart to our next worship pastor, and some details about our worship pastor search.  


First off (no duh) we encourage you all to join the staff and elders in prayer in our time of transition. Pray for: 

  • Patience, wisdom and guidance for our church leaders as we receive applications and interact with candidates. 
  • The Holy Spirit to lead, prompt, and direct each applicant.  
  • For our whole church during this time of transition.
  • For the Hodgson's as they work hard to pack up and move, and also as they say goodbye to deeply rooted relationships.
  • For Rob Baddeley and Myron Jones as they provide interim leadership for our worship teams and lead worship on Sunday mornings. 

****Please don’t skip over or breeze through the call to prayer. In fact, why not pray now before reading further?****


  • We have two veteran worship leaders in our church who will bridge the gap: Rob and Myron. We have them scheduled out from July 1 through September 2 for now but will continue to add more dates as needed.

Pastor Search

  • If you haven’t seen it yet, we posted the job in mid May- see it here
  • We’ve had several qualified applicants and will be taking applications until the end of June. 
  • Rob Baddeley, Troy Croff, Bob Croff and I will be narrowing those applicants down to the top 3-5 to have the Elder Team consider in early July. 
  • When we get it narrowed down to one candidate:
    • Our staff will get a time to interact with the candidate and provide insights into how the candidate would fit at Foothills. 
    • We’ll introduce that person to several volunteers that Bart worked with (musicians, sound techs, projectionists, lighting, etc). They will be given an opportunity to interact with the candidate and provide us with feedback on the person we are pursuing. 
  • Eventually, with God’s leading, we’ll extend a job offer to our next worship pastor. Our hope and desire is to have our next worship pastor in place in the Fall but we are trusting ultimately in God’s timing in all of this.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. I’m sure there are a few. It’s a great joy to journey together with you all as a church. 

Tyler Butenschoen
Lead Pastor
Foothills Church