I am a finisher. I like to make lists. I would say that I like to check the boxes, but I can’t seem to make my check marks look uniform enough, so I usually put an ‘x’ over the box. On any given evening, to look back over my day and see what I’ve been able to accomplish is very rewarding for me. 

However, there are things in my life that are not within my power and I just can’t seem to bring to completion. One example of that would be adopting my son. Coming this July it will be three years since Tyler and I began the process. As a friend said in her prayer this week, this seems to be the longest pregnancy ever. Some days go quickly with a deep sense of assurance that this wait WILL one day be in my past and he WILL be home. Other days my heart aches and wrestles with wondering WHY God is allowing this to take so long and WHEN will he be able to come home?

In these times of waiting, wanting to close the loop and check the box, what should that look like for us? I don’t have a prescription for you, but I can share some of what helps me:

• Lean In: God so jealously wants to spend time with us. Just as all the lists and all the distractions that tug at us can easily draw us away from Him, so can the waiting. Setting aside time each day spending time in the Bible helps keep me rooted in Him.

• Stay Involved: There were times in the waiting that I didn’t want to make any other plans or commit to anything that could possibly be interrupted by progress. I would get so focused on this one thing I’m waiting for that I would almost miss (or even entirely miss) what God had in store for me during the wait. 

• Pray: I have spent the last 141 mornings praying for a piece of paper. One piece of paper that will make only part of my wait over. Some days all I have in me is a one sentence prayer while other days my prayer is much longer. But each morning I am so grateful that I can trust that God hears me.

Today as I write this, I am still waiting. Today is one of those days that my heart just aches. Today as I write this a verse posted over my computer screen reminds me of this:

Moses answered the people, "Do no be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today... The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still."  (Exodus 14:13-14)

Sisters, do not be afraid. Stand firm. The Lord WILL fight for you. Wait. Be still. His powerful Holy Spirit is at work, even if we can’t see it. Yet. 

Stacey Butenschoen
Women’s Ministry