Today I am home sick. It's gorgeous outside, and all I want to do is keep moving but my body is not allowing it. Nothing around me slows down and all the schedules in this household do not allow for this woman to have a sick day. I assume if you are reading this silly little post, you get it and you understand.

At retreat, our speaker Pam Teschner showed us this image of the Redwood Forest. Underneath the tree's mighty trunks lays a network of roots that grow and fuse into one another. It's the trees togetherness that helps them weather the storms. We were meant to dwell together in unity. 

I suspect I will be over this cold and back to my normal pace in another day. I am thankful to the friends that have shown me grace, and my daughters for their extra help. If only all our trials were so quickly overcome. There are women in our body that are enduring very strong winds and storms. I hope they feel safe enough to reach out to our Foothills women. I hope we are sensitive enough to one another that we are willing to reach out as well.

I want to encourage you to reach out. First let's pause and pray; ask the Lord to lay a woman on your heart; ask the Lord to prompt you in how to encourage her. It may be a quick text or note. It may be a coffee date, walking date or weeding party. Don't forget about phone chats, meals or play dates. It may be something really unique; listen to the Father and then step out.  

I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have complete confidence that they understand God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ himself. In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. (Colossians 2:2-3)

We would love to hear how you are reaching out. It would be fun to have a blog post of pictures plastering the page with women joining together in love and unity! Send your pictures or thoughts here to my email address

Tammy Lucas
Women's Ministry Director