The first time I saw this unique green toned pottery I was not attracted to it. The second time I saw it was after I had experienced the sights, smells and people of Indonesia. As I fell in love with the people of Indonesia, I grew to love the green and brown toned pottery that can only be found there. Each piece is unique and each piece calls me back to the people and their stories, laughter, faces, faith, loves, and hardships. I miss their beauty and their culture. Every piece of my green toned pottery reminds me to pray for these people I love.

You have loves. Some of you are getting ready for Mexico and Haiti. It's fair to say many of your hearts are pulled towards those countries and those people. We are so blessed by an amazing God that moves us to love and then equips us to do so.

What pulls your heart strings? What moves you? 1 Peter 4:8 says, "Above all love, each other deeply..."

As we prepare and put the final touches on our Women's retreat, please stop and pray for our women. Pray for those going and for those staying at home. We want to love deeply. We need the Lord's help to do this well. Our selfish hearts soften to love one another when we hear others' stories, laughter, and loves. Those of you praying for us from home are loving one another as well.

If you're still thinking about whether to go to retreat, then come with us! It's not too late to sign up here or donate here for retreat. We have a few spaces left.

May the God of heaven pull your heart strings to love one another. May we encourage one another and lift one another up. Thank you, Father, for first loving us. Amen.
Tammy Lucas
Women's ministries
P.S. Thank you, Larena, for donating from "Aunt Bee's House" all the sweet gifts like the one pictured near my pottery. We will use them to bless women at our retreat. Thank you for loving our ladies in this way.