Wait in submission
Be faithful in prayer
Search the scriptures
Be active in obedience

These four points are on my fridge now, inspired by Bart’s sermon last Sunday. I could have used them last week when I found myself frustrated more than usual. Yes, I am human. It might have been hormones or it could have been the fact that I live in a house full of hormones, but now I feel like I've been given a recipe for peace. Let's remind one another of these four ways to live out our daily lives or, better yet, join a prayer group and practice being faithful in prayer together. A couple of these groups are still open if you would like to join; check them out on our Groups page.

Our women's ministry team meets again this week to pray, plan and prepare. If you would like to be a part of serving please contact me, Tammy Lucas.

Coming up (for complete details see our Women's Events page)
October 25: The Connection, 7pm, our first gathering for all women this school year
December 13th: Oh Holy Night, 7pm, a no-frills night for ladies to hit pause and focus on worshiping our King
February 3-4: IF:Gathering 2017
March 27-31: Spring break for Oregon schools
April 7-9: Foothills Ladies Retreat at Canby Grove Conference Center