"Give thanks to the God of heaven,
for his steadfast love endures forever."

– Psalm 136:26

I am sitting here enjoying the new coffee mug I opened Christmas day. It has the perfect handle, weight and size. I love drinking from a handmade cup that was once an ugly brown piece of clay sitting in the potter's hands. It fills me with hope! It reminds me of who I am and who He is.

"I am a woman that is loved well." These words were spoken from the oldest member of our women's ministry team. Powerful when you realize that these words were in response to a question about identity. I've been ruminating on these words for the past three weeks during the Christmas season. I've been noticing all of the ways that I, too, am loved well. I've been contemplating how we as women describe ourselves and how we think about ourselves when it comes to our identity. Last night I had the privilege to pass on sleep and instead listen to my 19-year-old daughter talk about life. She is on the opposite end of the pendulum; she is an emerging young adult and she is being shaped by the potter's hand.

Ladies, we are loved well! You may be young and full of life, hopes, and dreams. You may be somewhere in the middle just trying to keep up with the daily routine. You may be closer to the end, taking more time to reflect and wishing you could tell others to slow down and enjoy the moment. In whatever stage of life you're in, take time to rest in the fact that you are loved well by Jesus. This morning I am thankful for the work that God is doing in my life, my daughter's life and in the lives of the women at Foothills. His steadfast loves does endure forever.

Tammy Lucas

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