Some lovely ladies of Foothills sharing an "intergenerational" moment together.

Some lovely ladies of Foothills sharing an "intergenerational" moment together.

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are." – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Thank the Lord for encouragement! Let me remind you that we all need it. Dave Buss, one of our elders, stopped me on my way into church and said something along the lines of, "There is so much life in the women at our church."  Others have used the words excitement, a buzz or an anticipation of things to come. We have presence women! Let us continue to seek unity with one another, encourage one another and speak words of life over one another. Not so that we can be noticed but so Jesus will be noticed! So that our love for one another reflects Him.

I need to clarify and apologize to all our local college age women. In my nervousness up front a few weeks ago, I blurted out one particular university's name when I was inviting women of all ages to come to our events. In reality, I want all of our college-age women to come. Your hearts and brains are bursting with good questions and passions. Intergenerational relationships are good for all involved. It can be a little awkward getting all of us blended, but I am confident we will all benefit from the results. Keep working hard in school and at your jobs but do remember to carve out some time to join us.

Our news as we continue to prepare for The Connection on October 25th: We did have a last-minute speaker change due to the fact our original speaker (who rode a skateboard and is terrified to fly over the ocean) must go fly over an ocean. I'm not sure if she will ride a skateboard once she arrives, but we do hope to hear God's story in her life another time. Meanwhile our new speaker weighed 5 pounds at birth. Her first job was as a newspaper carrier and she really hopes to see the Northern Lights in person. I assume Alaska not the cheap theater in Salem. Pray for this mystery woman as God works out His story and passion in her now. I just know we will all be blessed to hear it.

Lastly, if you want to be involved come join the fun and help us get ready for The Connection, please contact me, Tammy Lucas.