But the word of God increased

We have been studying the Book of Acts, learning what it means to be a gospel community sent the Holy Spirit and a community sent into the world. Today we are in Acts 12:20-24, when Herod is dealt with by God. We gather at 9 & 10:45am.

Barnabas and Saul sent off

Join us for our series on the Book of Acts, "The Gospel Community is Sent." We are learning about the early church and how we are sent into the world to share the Gospel of Jesus, and how He sends us the Holy Spirit. We gather at 9 & 10:45am.

We bring you the good news

Today we'll see what it looks like when Paul shared the good news of Jesus in a synagogue (Acts 13:13-43). Join us at 9 & 10:45am for "The Gospel Community is Sent."

Rejoicing and persecution

Sharing the Gospel, the story of how God sent Jesus for salvation of mankind, is not easy for everyone to hear. We see that today in Acts 13:44-14:7, as Paul's sharing of God's story causes one group to rejoice and another to draw back. Join us at 9 & 10:45am.