Bob Croff adjusts the opening mechanism for our new weekday building entrance.

It started when our plumbing backed up into the kitchen. That accident spawned renovation work that has included our kitchen, offices, sanctuary, bathrooms, foyer and children's areas. We are grateful for the hours of work our handy volunteers have given and to everyone who has pledged to the Sacred Place Renovation. Your work helps inspire a devotion to God and a love for the people who come through the doors.

A rundown of the work – much of it already completed:
Sanctuary: New carpet, chairs and a stage curtain so we can host youth sports teams.
Kitchen: New and modernized for use by church and community groups.
Foyer: Upgrades to create a quieter, more inviting and useful atmosphere.
Offices: New office entrance for improved safety of All-Star Preschool; create offices in our current space for pastors and staff.
Children's Areas: Fix windows, carpet, paint and make other repairs where our children gather on Sunday mornings.