When was the first time you heard about God? What if it happened early, so early that you never lived a day without believing that He really loves you? If 3-year-olds can believe God loves them, will this make a difference when they're 13? When they're 23? Could this belief change their future?

In our nursery rooms, we get a first chance to make a lasting impression about our Heavenly Father. We want kids to learn three things here:

  • God made me

  • God loves me

  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Logistics: Nursery care is available at 9 & 10:45am, during our Sunday gatherings. Let us know if you're a guest; we want to make your visit a great experience. Our nursery coordinator is Tammy Henderson. Email Tammy here.


Baby Dedications

Baby dedications are a way for  families and the church to make a public prayer for infants and young children. Email children’s minister Judy Buss to let her know you're interested in baby dedications.