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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers:

1) How often will my Group meet?

Don’t worry, Groups aren’t designed to eat up your schedule. Your Group will meet once a week for 60 to 90 minutes for 12 weeks.

2) How can I be sure that there is a Group for me?

  • Convenient locations matter, so Groups are offered all over the Santiam Canyon. Once you sign up, the Group Leader will contact you with the specific address of the Group’s meeting place, if it isn’t already listed in the catalog.

  • A variety of Groups allows you to choose your topic to study, along with those who share life experiences similar to yours.

  • There are Activity Groups, Recovery Groups, Groups for Men & for Women and General Groups for anyone!

When to Sign Up:

  • January: for the Spring Trimester
  • May: for the Summer Trimester
  • September: for the Fall Trimester

How to Sign Up:

  • At a Sunday gathering by writing the Group ID# (something like 'TUE2') from the catalog on the back of your Connection Card.
  • Online at

If you have any questions, email or call 503.769.2731.

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