Jan Deb Gossner 2019.jpeg

Jan and Debbie Gossner are missionaries to Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Part of their ministry works involves translating the Bible to the Edolo language.

The Gossners will be at Foothills on Sunday, June 30, to give us an update on their mission work at let us know how we can pray for and support them. Debbie filled us in on some of their background history and connection to Foothills.

“We went to Corban college when it was Western Baptist Bible College and attended Foothills Church then. We both worked in the church during college years and for several years after graduation. Foothills (at that time First Baptist) started a financial relationship with us in January 1989. We are so thankful for the financial and prayer support over the years. Another bit of history, Jackie Walters is my sister.”

The Gossners are eager to become acquainted with people at Foothills who don’t know them or their story. And we are eager to have them join us.